Importing PayPal transactions and matching with my records from PayPal payment services.

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How do I import the transactions from PayPal, so I can reconcile them with the transactions in my PayPal account, recorded in my book?

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Deadly Digits user using Integrated PayPal Payment services.


Manually import the PayPal transactions and match the Net amount

1) Map the import.

2) Match the transactions.

Detailed steps.

Users who use the PayPal payment service feature in R1 may not need to import their PayPal statement as the feature automatically enters their PayPal payments (invoice receipts). However, they still might want to import transactions, for reconciliation purposes to match off the statement transactions to the transactions already in the book.

1) Map the import:

The transactions file that you have downloaded from PayPal, contains lot more information than it is needed in Deadly Digits.

You will need to map the columns header (in imported data) correctly with the provided columns headers in Deadly Digits, so the information is recorded correctly.

a) Go to Banking > Bank Accounts > PayPal Account

b) Go to Actions and Upload transactions.

c) Browse to the CSV file that you have downloaded. Select and upload it.

d) Go to Import from row field and change the field value to 2.

e) Select the Date from date column.

f) Select Amount from the Net column.

Important: it is important to map the Net amount because PayPal fee is automatically deducted from the total invoiced amount, before depositing into your PayPal account.

g) Select Reference from the Transaction ID column.

h) Select Description from the Subject column.

i) Rest of the columns can be ignored.

j) Select Import file to import it.

2) Match the transactions.

Once the transactions are imported, the book will automatically recognise the transactions that exist in your PayPal bank account.

This is because, you have PayPal Payment service integrated into the book, which automatically creates the payment receipt whenever a customer pays the invoice via PayPal.

Deadly Digits will suggest the match it has found for the transaction. If you agree to the match, simply accept it. It will automatically, then, allocate the match and reconcile the transaction.

If there are any transactions for which the match is not found, you can either create a new transaction or even delete it.

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