Processing SuperStream Payments

Processing SuperStream Payments in Deadly Digits


You can lodge SuperStream to your clearing house via following two ways:

  • Create a SAFF file and use your own choice of clearing house.
  • Use the ‘Ozedi direct’ gateway which is the integrated gateway to Deadly Digits.


To enable the Ozedi gateway go to Settings > Payroll settings > SuperStream services.


SuperStream services are only available in the Payroll medium module. 


Processing SuperStream:


From the vertical navigation menu, expand Payroll menu and click on SuperStream.



The SuperStream overview can be filtered for All, Draft or Lodged to be displayed by clicking on the relevant tab, and can be customised using the Show/hide columns filter

(spanner cog) to select what columns to be displayed (or not) on the screen.



From the SuperStream overview, click on Add. Complete all required fields and click on Add SuperStream batch.


This will create a SuperStream batch payment in a Draft status. 



Click on the batch to open it. You can expand an employee to view the super details by clicking on the arrow beside the employee name.



Once confirmed all details are correct, click on the dropdown arrow beside the Preview button and select Lodge via gateway.   


The Lodge via gateway will send the superannuation payments to the nominated gateway provider based on your selection within the SuperStream services settings. When No SuperStream service is set

and you attempt to lodge via gateway the following message will appear.





Ozedit Direct


If Ozedi Direct has been selected in Payroll Settings, you will see a confirmation message, click on Lodge to Ozedi to continue.


If there are any errors or missing information they will be displayed for you on this screen. Once rectified you can continue and it will go to Ozedi.


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