How to sign up an Australian ANZ Business Banking account to BankData

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How do I connect my Australian ANZ Business banking bank accounts to my Bankdata?



Adding Australian ANZ bank accounts is now done online, on the ANZ Bank website, for most accessible bank accounts and Business One Credit Cards.

You do need to have a Business Profile to use this service.  ANZ Business Banking customers already have a Business Profile.

ANZ Personal Banking customer will need to request a Business Profile by calling the ANZ Customer Service Centre on 13 13 14.

This facility will also allow a Business One Credit Card account holder to get a direct bank feed to their credit card transactions rather than using our alternative channel provided by Yodlee Inc.

All non-Business One credit card accounts will need to apply through Yodlee


Detailed Instructions:

1.    Purchase a BankData license (if you already have a license go to Step 2)

a.    Deadly Digits:  On your Book icon > 3 dots > Settings > ReckonOneAU

Reckon Accounts: > Activate > username/password; or, Reckon UserID and PIN

b.    Select your BankData plan and complete the Sale

c.    Your BankData userID is the same as the logged in user of this Book; your Reckon Accounts Hosted ID; and for desktop, your Reckon customer ID with a suffix:  in the format 0123456-1.

d.  Enter your bank accounts on the Bank Feed Management screen:

        Deadly Digits - Banking > Bank Connections > Connect an Account

        Reckon Accounts -

2.    Follow the link to complete the request on the ANZ website: There, select Profile and Activate bank feeds to register your preference for Deadly Digits software package

4.    Select Deadly Digits from the dropdown.

5.    Enter your Reckon User ID.

         Deadly Digits - if you have an old Reckon ID in the format 1234567-1;

             Otherwise use your login email address.

         Reckon Accounts - use your Reckon ID in the format 1234567-1.

6.    Select Authority to Disclose Information and read the terms and conditions.

7.    Check the terms and conditions box if you accept the terms and conditions.

8.    Using the checkboxes under the Select column, select the accounts for which you’d like to activate bank feeds 

9.    If you are happy with the User ID entered and the accounts selected, select Send request.

10. If you'd prefer not to proceed, select Cancel.

11. A message will display acknowledging the request


What happens next?

Within a few days the ANZ will approve your application and copy transactions posted to your accounts to Reckon.  Each day we will post the transactions we receive from the ANZ to your Bankdata account.

You will receive an email informing you that your account has been activated and that you have transactions to download.

Deadly Digits - Open your Book:

1.    Banking > Bank Connections

2.    Link the bank feed to your bank ledger account:

           Click on the Link hyperlink;

           Select your bank ledger account from the list

           Click Save

3.    Open your bank ledger account in Banking > Bank Accounts

4.    Click on the Transactions from bank tab to see the latest available transactions.  

Reckon Accounts – follow this Bankdata guide.

When you view the Bank Feed Management screen you will see an entry for the account with the Status set to Active. 


More Information:

See the ANZ FAQ site:


Need more help?

Ask the Reckon Community at:


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Yodlee feeds do not automatically update

You dont have permission to request bank feeds .....for an ANZ Business One CC

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