“Error reading selected bank transactions” when clicking on Reconcile on the Banking Screen

Legacy KB ID: 5200


Why can’t I download my bank transactions into my Deadly Digits Bank Register?  I get the error:

Error reading selected bank transactions. Error is: Error reading bank transactions from the selected period.  Error is: RetrievalStatus returns InvalidOrUnauthorisedUser.


This error is generated when there are no transactions to download in the date range specified.  By default, Deadly Digits will look for transactions over the past 60 days.



Check dates of bank transactions and last entries to bank register

1.    Check your Bank Statement for the last date of a transaction

2.    Check your latest entries.

If transactions need to be downloaded:

1.    Administration > General Settings

2.    On the line: BankData retrieves transactions from, select a range or Custom

3.    If Custom selected, enter a number of days.  The first day should have transactions.

4.    Click Done to complete.

5.    Transactions > Banking, and click the Reconcile button for your bank.




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