Credit for GST tax paid on BAS does not match GST on Purchases on GST Summery Report

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Why doesn’t the 1B field on the BAS Report match the G20 field for GST on Purchases on the GST Summary Report?


Confirm the difference relates to non-10% Tax Codes.


The Issue

The BAS and GST Reports are constructed according to the ATO guidelines for the preparation of GST returns.  The guidelines assume all transactions with GST charge 10% tax.  In the simple calculation the GST on purchase will be 10% of total purchases.

Where you have use tax codes charging amounts that are not 10% (free, input taxed and wine codes), the tax paid will not be exactly 10%.  The ATO guidelines do not produce the correct result. 



Generate a Tax code Transactions Report for your BAS period and confirm there are tax codes charging an amount different to 10%.  Confirm that when 10% is applied to the non-10% tax codes and applied to the G20 total on the GST Summary Report, the amounts match the 1B field on the BAS report.


Additional Information

Similar differences may be found on the GST collection side, between 1A on the BAS Report and G9 on the GST summary Report.


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