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Deadly Digits has support for managing multiple users and their roles and permissions. For more information on this, consult the help guide. Whilst there can be many users associated with a book, there can only be one owner of a book and it’s corresponding subscription.

To change the owner of a book, the current owner must initiate a transfer of the book to another existing user that has a Reckon account. Once the transfer is initiated, a request is sent to the new provisional owner asking them to accept the transfer. If approved, the ownership of the book is transferred to this user.

Importantly, transferring ownership will remove any existing users as well as removing any links to partners. The new owner will need to add or re-add any access they deem appropriate.

Initiate Transfer of Ownership

Using the current owner’s login, from the Customer Portal, go to the relevant Deadly Digits book.

To initiate the Transfer of Ownership:

  1. Click  and Choose Settings
  2. Click Transfer Ownership
  3. Enter the Reckon username of the new owner. If you do not know this, ask the new prospective owner to provide it. Click Next.
  4. Select the company in which to transfer the book. If you do not know this, ask the new prospective owner to provide it. Click Next.
  5. The Customer Portal will then ask you to confirm the transfer of ownership to the new user and company you have entered. If you are satisfied with the changes, accept the changes. Click Proceed.

This process will now have initiated a transfer of ownership of the book.


Approve Transfer of Ownership

After the current owner has initiated the transfer of ownership, the prospective new owner will receive an email notifying them of this. When they log into the customer portal the next time, they will also see the book alongside any other Deadly Digits books they have access to.

Before you start:

You will need to have a valid credit card set up on your account to pay for the subscription. To set this up, or to check your current card, navigate to the Billing area from the Account menu.

To Approve the Transfer of Ownership:

  1. Find the book that is to be transferred. This will have the label ‘Pending Approval’ in the list.
  2. Click View Details.
  3. Check the details presented match what is expected. Click Approve.

The book and its associated subscription will then be transferred.

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