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Contact is a new type of contact added to Deadly Digits and is linked to a customer, supplier and superfund record so you can keep track of the various contacts you deal with within their organisation. A Contact can be a person or a department.

A customer, supplier and superfund can have multiple contacts linked to their record. With Contacts, you can select the multiple contacts' email address when sending an email from your book.

Contacts list

Contacts list stores all the contacts created in the book. To access the Contacts list, expand the Contacts centre from the side navigator menu then click on Contacts.

The Contacts list can be filtered by the status - Active, Inactive or All.

Active status refers to contact who you wish to send emails such invoices to from Deadly Digits. You can only send emails to active contacts.

Inactive status refers to contact who you no longer send emails to and want to keep an record on your book.

All status will show all active and inactive contacts on the book.

Selecting the contacts checkbox on the list will reveal more options on the footer.

You can customise the list view by clicking on spanner icon next to the Add button to show or hide the columns from view.

Adding a new contact

Contacts `Create and edit` permissions are required to add new or edit existing contacts record.

  1. Click Add on the Contacts list.

The Add contact screen will load.

Contact name: Enter a contact name for this record.

Contact name can be a person or a department of an organisation. This is a mandatory field.

Salutation: Salutation (i.e. Mr, Mrs, Dear)

Notes: Text field to allow you to enter notes about this contact.

Status: Active or Inactive toggle.

Organisation: List menu to display all active customer, supplier and superfund record.

A contact can be link to 1 organisation (customer, supplier or superfund). An organisation can have multiple contacts.

Department: Organisation department where the contacts works. (i.e. Sales, Account payable, HR, call centre, warehouse)

Position: Contact role in the organisation (i.e. regional sales manager, receptionist, Account manager)

Notes: Text field to allow you to enter notes about this contact.

Email: This is the entity primary email address used to send transactions from Deadly Digits.

You can click on the envelope icon to start a new email on your default email client application or browser. The email address will automatically be copied onto the To field on the new email message.
If you have added a website, you can click on the Web icon to navigate to the website on a new browser tab.

Mobile: Enter the mobile number.

If you have a phone application on the device, you can click on the icon to bring up the phone app with the number copied to it.

Business Address: Enter the contact address. This can be the office address where the contact works from.

Shipping Address: Enter the shipping address.

  1. After you have entered the contact's details, click Save to contact.

Adding contacts to email

With Contacts, you can now include their emails addresses when sending emails from Deadly Digits. All contacts linked to a customer, supplier or superfund in appear on the list before emailing. Select the contact email addresses who you wish to send the email from the list.

The contact must be linked to the customer, supplier or superfund before you can send an email from Deadly Digits.

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