Delete the bank transactions (QIF/CSV file) in bulk that was incorrectly imported.

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I have accidentally imported the wrong bank transactions (QIF/CSV) file into my bank Accounts in Deadly Digits or I have imported it twice. How can I delete all of them at once? I can only see the option to delete one transaction at a time.


Occasionally a user may import the incorrect transactions file into bank accounts or may import the transactions into the wrong bank accounts. Either way, you may now need to delete those transactions. However, in Deadly Digits you can only delete one transaction at a time. There is no option to delete all at once.

Who does this applies to?

This solution applies to all Deadly Digits users who are importing the bank transactions manually via QIF or CSV files.

Detailed steps.

Option A:

If you have imported the incorrect file and has not been recorded into bank account yet, and, you have the correct file to import, you can simply import the correct one. This will overwrite the incorrect transactions and delete them.

Option B:

If you have imported the incorrect file and do not need to import another file; and need to delete those transactions, you are advised to import another statement file with fewer transactions (preferably one), which will overwrite the previous import. This will now end up with one transaction to delete. Please follow the below steps.

For your convenience, we have added the sample file here with one transaction for 1 cent. You can download this file and import into your bank account, so it can overwrite your bulk transactions that were imported incorrectly.

After you import this file, please make sure to delete this transaction.

1) Download this correction file containing one transaction.

2) Go to the bank account, for which you want to delete the bulk imports that was incorrectly imported.

3) Import this correction file. It contains one transaction for 1 cent.

4) This import will overwrite all your transactions on this account, which has not been recorded yet.

5) Now delete this single transaction for 1 cent too. You have now successfully deleted all the transactions in bulk

Additional information:

Please note the attached file has one Money In transaction for 1 cent. You will need to delete this transaction after import.

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