Do not have an Operator ID to complete signup for an ANZ Credit Card account through Yodlee

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Why am I asked for an Operator ID when I try to sign up for an ANZ Credit Card through Yodlee o n my BankData account?  I get the message:

Problem Updating Account: Yodlee has recently started providing data updates at this site and it may take a few days to successfully update this account. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please try again later.

I do not have an Operator ID.



Assign yourself an Operator ID on the ANZ website.


The Issue

The ANZ has recently updated its sign-on procedures.  Operator ID is a new field included to give business users greater management control on the use of their online accounts.  It is an optional field for ANZ customers.

Yodlee requires all fields presented on the sign-on page to be completed with the relevant information. Without an Operator ID you cannot proceed with the sign-up.  If you enter a number that has not been registered with the ANZ, the application will be rejected by the ANZ.

Yodlee will be updating is procedures and it is expected that they will recognise optional fields on bank login pages in the near future.



Assign yourself an Operator ID.

1.    Visit the ANZ’s Add an Operator guide at:

2.    Follow instructions to assign Operator IDs to your users. 

3.    Add your ANZ credit card to your BankData account through Yodlee and include the Operator ID.



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