Editing and creating a new ABA file with an updated amount

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I have exported an ABA file for bank upload, however, I have made some changes to those payments in Deadly Digits after. How do I edit that ABA file and export it again with an updated amount? My previous ABA has not been processed by bank yet.

How can I update the ABA file and export it again after those payments were edited?


Once the payments are exported to ABA, those payments will not be available for export again.

If you have edited the amount of some transactions of the original payment, that changes will not automatically flow through to the payment ABA file created earlier. You will have to edit the same ABA file to reflect those changes and to export it again.

Who does this apply to?

Deadly Digits user who has exported the ABA file for Bank but not actioned by bank yet.

Solution / Workaround:

Please follow the below steps to edit the incorrect payment ABA file and to create the new ABA file with updated payments.

Detailed steps.

1) Go to Banking and Bank payments

2) You will see the list of payments that you have generated the Payments file for, under the Processed tab.

3) Select the payment which you wish to update.

4) You will see the list of payments included in this payment. Select Edit button on top right of the page.


6) Select Edit again on the message prompt.


8) You will notice the transaction amount gets updated with the new edited amount, as you edit the payment.

9) Select Generate file to create new ABA file.

10) The new ABA file with the updated pays will be generated.

You can now process the new payment from your bank.

Additional information:

Note: if you have already uploaded the original ABA file with the incorrect amount in your bank and if it has been processed by the bank, this solution may not be suitable for you. Please speak with your accountant on other possible solution regarding making the adjustment.

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