How to Export transactions from your bank account

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How do I export transactions from my bank account to import into my Reckon products?


The process to export transactions to a file that can be imported into your Reckon product will differ from bank to bank, but the general process is much the same.

Searching the web for export transactions <yourbank> should give you links to your bank’s FAQ on the process.

The following guide was prepared on a Commonwealth Bank Netbank site. 

1.       Login to your bank account and create a list of transactions;



2.       Select a date range and then click on Search;


3.       At the bottom of the list of transactions you’ll see some functions – Select Export:

4.       Click on the dropdown arrow on Export and select QIF (Quicken AUS, 2004 and earlier)

a.        You may be given only one QIF format – select it;

b.       You may be given an option for a date format – select dd/mm/yyyy

c.        Deadly Digits uses can also use select CSV (eg MS Excel):



5.       Click on Export transactions and the file should save to your downloads folder:


In Reckon Accounts Business and Hosted, import the file through Banking > Import Bank Statement and follow the prompts

In Deadly Digits, click on the Actions button under your bank ledger account on the Bank Accounts screen and select Upload transactions and follow the prompts.


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