How to revoke technical support remote access

Revoking Technical Support Access

Via the Deadly Digits Portal, it is easy to determine whether technical support currently has access to your book or not. When support currently has access, a small icon of a support person appears in the top left hand side of the books tile as per the below image.

If tech support has solved your problem or you no longer want support to have access, you can easily revoke this access at any time from within the Deadly Digits Portal. To do so, click the three buttons in the top right hand corner of the tile. A menu like the below will display

Click the Revoke support access option. A dialog will appear informing you that tech support will lose access to this book and may no longer be able to help you with any issue you are having.

If you wish to revoke access, click the Revoke Access button. If you want support to continue to have access to this book, click the Cancel button.

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