HTTP ERROR 504 when loading an Account Enquiry Report, and unable to load book. Blank screen

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I was trying to load the ‘Account enquiry’ report but it timed out and now I cannot access my book. How can I get access to my book again?


1) I get a Blank page/screen when logging into Deadly Digits, and unable to access any area of my book.

2) I get the error ‘This page isn’t working, took too long to respond. Http Error 504’


Who does this apply to?

All books with a larger number of transactions.

Brief description:

This error may occur when your Book has a large number of transactions.

Once an Account has been enquired - for instance, by drilling down to the account from another report - then its settings become the default for the next Account enquiry. If the last enquiry reported on many accounts and over a wide date range, then a time-out may occur before the report is generated.

Please note that if not previously opened, the Account Enquiry Report will by default report all transactions in all accounts for the current financial year.

When you close the browser and log back into your Book, Deadly Digits takes you back to the same timed-out window.

Solution / Workaround:

Manually edit the URL to get out of the corrupt page and to allow the Reports Centre to open. You can then open other reports - like the P&L report - so you can query another account to reset the Account Enquiry Report.

Detailed steps.

Step 1. Edit the URL of the corrupt page

i) The Address bar in the URLwill read something like "Https//***-***-956f-62f018f10fc2/Core/Reports/ReportView/*******-32cd-41de-bef0-53******a0?isFromFavouriteGroup=False

ii) Delete all characters after the word “.../Reports/..” and then press Enter. (as highlighted below)

iii) This should bring you back to your reports centre.

Step 2: Open the Profit and Loss report and enquire into an account.

i) Open a Profit and loss report.

ii) Click on the amount on any income or expense account to open the ‘Account Enquiry’ report.

iii) Now change the Reporting period to a smaller period, like ‘This month’.

iv) This action will reset the default setting for the ‘Account Enquiry’ report to this one account and for this date range.

Step 3: Generate an Account Enquiry from the Report Centre

Test that the problem has been fixed by generating the Account Enquiry Report directly from the Reports Centre – Financial > Account Enquiry.

If the Account Enquiry Report generates the same error then repeat Steps 1 & 2. When testing the report from the Reports Centre, select a different account and a narrower date range.

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