Do not have a decimal point on the Deadly Digits App

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Why don’t I have a decimal point on my Deadly Digits App?


Download a Google Keyboard for your Samsung Android device from the Play Store


The Issue

The Samsung Android 4.4.2 keyboard does not show a decimal point on the Deadly Digits App when entering Quantity on an invoice.

You need to download a 3rd party keyboard – like Google Keyboard – to get this functionality.



1.    Open the Play Store App and search Apps for Google Keyboard.  Click on the Download button.  Once it is finished click on Open.

2.    Click Get Started and follow the prompts.

3.    Click Enable in Settings

4.    At the Android OS Keyboard settings , tick Google Keyboard.  Click OK on the message that comes up.

5.    Click Switch input methods – this will bring up a box with options of Samsung Keyboard or Google Keyboard.  Select English (US) Google Keyboard

6.    Now click Finish

7.    Go into the Deadly Digits app and you will now have a decimal when in the Quantity field. 


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