To use Estimates you must have the Invoices module activated within your book. For help on modifying the book and activating the Invoices module, go to Deadly Digits Customer Portal help. 

Estimates is part of the Invoices module so you need to have this module activated before you can use Estimates. You will then need to Enable estimates from Estimates Settings on Day to Day, Money In.

Estimate settings will appear when you have enabled estimates. You can define in how many days you want the estimate to expiry. You can enter your terms and conditions and payment note so it will appear on new estimate.

Click on Manage templates if you want to customise your estimate or add your company logo.

From the side navigation menu, expand Day to day menu and in the Money In section select Estimates. Or from the Quick Add menu, select Estimate.

The Estimates overview can be filtered for All, Open, Expired or Closed to be displayed by clicking on the relevant tab. The Estimates overview can be customised using the Show/hide columns filter (spanner cog) to select what columns to be displayed (or not) on the screen.

When the medium level of the Invoices module has been active, Approval process on Money In settings can be be activated / deactivated. 

When Approval process is enabled, then the Estimates overview will display All, Draft, Pending, Expired, Accepted, Declined and Closed Estimates.

To create a new Estimate, click on Add.

Complete the mandatory (those with a red asterisk) and required fields. Then click on Save & close or Save to save the estimate as Open.

If Approval process is enabled, it will be saved as Draft.

When an estimate is saved as a Draft (Open), it can be edited up to the point where it is converted to an Invoice. To edit the Estimate, click on the estimate and you will be taken to the estimate detail screen where you can make any changes. If the Estimate has been converted to an invoice it can not be edited.


When an Estimate is saved as a Draft it can be edited up to the point where it is Pending or Approved. A Pending or Accepted status estimate must be reverted back to Draft to enable editing by clicking Make draft to edit. Make the required changes and then click on Make Pending or Accept to enable the estimate to be converted to an invoice.

Within the Estimates overview click on the estimates you wish to email to open it. Click on Send via email. The status of the estimate will appear on the estimate PDF on the email.

Click on Email History icon to view the email history for your book. The Email History overview can be filtered for All, Processing, Sent, Failed to be displayed by clicking on the relevant tab.

When the customer accepts the estimate, you can quickly convert the estimate to an invoice.

From the Estimates overview, click on the estimate you wish to convert to an invoice. Then click Convert to Invoice.

A message will display asking you to confirm the conversion. Click Yes.

The estimate status will change to Closed-Invoiced and will update with the linked Invoice number once the invoice is saved.

The invoice creation screen will open with the details prefilled from the estimate. Complete as you would for an invoice.

On the Invoices list screen, the Estimate no. column will be shown.

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