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To access customer statements you need to activate the Invoices module within your book. For help on modifying the book and activating the Invoices module, go to Deadly Digits Customer Portal help.

Creating a Customer Statement 

From the side navigation menu, expand the Day to day menu and in the BUSINESS section, select Customer statements. Or from the side navigation menu, expand the Day to day menu and in the Contacts section, select Customers. Tick the Customer(s) you wish to create a statement for which will invoke the action buttons. From here click Create statement.



The Statements list can be filtered on all columns by clicking the funnel icon  , and can be be customised using the Show/hide columns filter (spanner cog) to select what columns to be displayed (or not) on the screen.



The default statement type is Balance forward, the date range is last month,  filtered to exclude $0.00 balances. If you wish to alter these parameters, do so and then click Refresh



Statement Types




Balance forward

Based on the current statement period (as selected by the date range) this statement type shows a Balance forward total amount for all transactions dated prior to the statement period from date. 

Exclude $0.00 balance transactions

Open items

This statement type shows all open transactions regardless of the statement period which is defined by an as at date. 

Include only transactions over x days past due date. 


Emailing or Printing a Customer Statement

To print or email a statement, click on the list row for the applicable customer which will open the detail screen. From here you chose to print or email the statement. 


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