An Item is a product or a service that the business buys, sells or resells in the course of business. Examples of items could be:


  • products the business buys and then sells,
  • delivery costs,
  • discounts the business offers,
  • call out fees,
  • services the business provides (e.g. consultation fees).


Perpetual inventory is not available in Deadly Digits. If you would like an inventory module added to Deadly Digits, cast your vote HERE.


Items can be created as normal or sub items for grouping and reporting purposes.


From the vertical navigation menu, expand Day to Day menu and in the Business section select Items.



The Items overview can be filtered for Active, Inactive or All items to be displayed by clicking on the relevant tab, and can be customised using the Spanner icon to Show/hide columns filter to select what columns to be (or not to be) displayed on the screen.



To create a new Item click on Add.



Using the This is an item we drop down menu, select the suitable option i.e. for items that the business sell not buy, buy not sell or buy and sell.



Complete all the information and click on Save & close to return to the Items overview.


For a service item, that is only sold:


For a product item, that is bought and sold:


Items overview:


To Edit or Delete an item, click on the relevant item in the Items overview, then revise, make inactive, delete or view the history of the item as required. Click on Save & close to return to the Items overview.


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