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The Federal Government is providing an incentive for employers to hire people under the age of 35 by providing a $200 wage subsidy for the first 12 months the employee is with the business. Like JobKeeeper, it is intended that the reporting requirements will be handed via Single Touch Payroll and in fact the ATO has made Single Touch Payroll mandatory to be able to receive this subsidy.

The subsidy is as follows:

  • $100 per week for employees aged between 29 and 35
  • $200 per week for employees aged between 16 and 29

The employee must work on average at least 20 hours per week to qualify.

To learn more about JobMaker credit, please visit the ATO's website.

Requirements - Business

  • Must have an ABN
  • Must be up to date with their income tax and GST lodgement obligations
  • Are registered for PAYG withholding
  • Are reporting via STP (single touch payroll)

Requirements - Employee

  • Commenced after 7th of October 2020
  • For 28 consecutive calendar days before they were hired they received one of the following government payments
    • JobSeeker Payment
    • Youth Allowance
    • Parenting payment
  • Employees can be employed on a permanent, part time or casual basis

Registration and reporting

Employers must register for the JobMaker subsidy on the ATO website. Employees are nominated via the Single Touch Payroll reporting.

Claims are performed every 3 months through the ATO business services portal. This process will start on February 1st, 2021.

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How to report JobMaker Credit

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JobMaker Credit reporting period

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