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The Bank accounts page shows all the bank accounts that you have added to Deadly Digits. My bank account and Petty cash account are created by default in Deadly Digits. My bank account is a normal bank account which you rename to suit your business and can be linked to a bank data feed. The petty cash account for cash transactions and should not be used for adding your everyday business transactions. Bank data feeds can not be linked to Petty cash account (when you are subscribed to the Bank data module). 

  1. Locked for editing: This icon will show when the transaction period has been locked. 
  2. Reconciled: This icon will show when the month has been reconciled.
  3. Open: This icon will show when there are transactions for the month, that haven’t been reconciled.
  4. No transactions: This icon will show when there are no current transactions for the month.

You can select if you want to see Open, Closed or All bank accounts from the drop down box.

To create a new bank account, click Add. Then complete the required details. The include Balancing Transaction and APCA# are required for Bank payments (ABA files). This information can be obtained from your bank.

To view / edit the Account properties click on Settings (spanner icon ) in the top right corner above the account month icons. 

Then from the Edit bank account screen revise, delete or view the history of the bank account as required. Click on Save & close to return to the Bank accounts overview.

The bank account Transactions view can also be accessed directly from the Dashboard, if the Bank account widget is selected in the Dashboard customisation.

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