Configuring and Understanding PayPal integration in Deadly Digits

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How do I configure and use PayPal in Deadly Digits?


PayPal Integration allows you to use the PayPal payments system to invite and accept payment by PayPal. 


1.    Purchase the Invoicing module

2.    Configure for PayPal:

a.    Administration menu > General settings > Payment services


b.    By default, Activate PayPal payments is activated;

c.    Click on Create an Account to create a PayPal Business Account:

                                          i.    Option 1: Click the create a business account link to access the PayPal account signup page

                                         ii.    Option 2: Enter an email address that you wish to use & PayPal’s accelerated signup process will create a business account for you

                                        iii.    Deadly Digits will generate a new Bank account called PayPal account

                                       iv.    Select an expense account to track PayPal transaction fees

                                        v.    lick the Save option

d.    Enter the email address linked to your existing PayPal business account.

e.    Enter the PayPal Fee Account

This is the account PayPal fees will be charged against.

Default:  Bank charges



1.    Invoice emails sent via Deadly Digits will contain additional text to inform the customer that they can pay the invoice online. The link provided in the email will allow the customer to access & pay the invoice online via PayPal.

2.    The PayPal link is only provided when emailing unpaid invoices (where approvals is off) or approved invoices (where approvals is on).

3.    The PayPal link is only provided in the email text. In a future update the invoice will also include PayPal information.


What the Customer sees:

1.    When your customer clicks the Pay invoice link they will access a page where they can see the invoice amount due & have an option to open with PayPal.


2.    When the customer clicks the Pay Now option they will access a PayPal page where they can pay using an existing PayPal account, debit card or credit card.


3.    When the customer submits a PayPal payment they will access a status page

a.    The left image shows an example where the payment was successful and a declined payment on the right.



In Deadly Digits:

1.    Successful PayPal payments will automatically create a receipt transaction against the relevant invoice in Deadly Digits.

2.    The receipt date will use the date of the PayPal payment.

3.    The receipt bank account will use the PayPal bank account configured in Deadly Digits.

4.    The receipt amount will be the PayPal payment amount minus any PayPal transaction fees.

5.    The ‘Allocate’ tab in the receipt will reflect the invoice payment amount against the relevant invoice.

6.    The ‘New’ tab in the receipt will reflect the PayPal fee using the expense account configured in Deadly Digits.

7.    The reference field in the receipt will show the PayPal payment transaction ID.

8.    The allocation notes field in the receipt will show the text ‘Paid via PayPal’.

9.    This receipt will update the invoice in Deadly Digits to have a ‘Paid’ status.


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