Authorising BNZ Feeds

To Add a feed for your BNZ Accounts, you need to:

  1. Log into the BankFeed Management Window
  2. Click Add Feed
  3. Select New Zealand, then select BNZ
  4. The below message will appear, click Add and you will be redirected to the BNZ website to authorise Reckon for access to your accounts

  1. Select either Personal or Business banking at the top right of screen, and then enter your BNZ details and click Log in

  1. The below disclaimer will be displayed onscreen, click Authorise
  1. Click Confirm to confirm connection

  1. You can then select which Accounts you want to create the Feed for and also select if you want to download historical transactions
  1. Click Create Feeds for selected accounts, the Feeds will now be set up and you will be returned to the BankFeed Management Window

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