From the vertical side navigation menu, expand Reporting menu and click on Budgets.

Budgets in Deadly Digits can be created for a given period such as a full financial year. A budget can be created from a starting point of zero balances or by copying the figures from a previous year’s budget. A second and subsequent budget can be created by copying amounts from an existing budget.


To create a new budget from the Budgets overview click on Add.


Complete the required fields and options, then click on Save.


 Budgets are grouped into Income and Expenses, each account is split per month. Once the budget figures are entered a visual representation for the monthly budget can be viewed and compared across financial years. This can assist with budget forecasting and analysis. Multiple budgets can be created for the same accounting period.



Values from another budget is only available as an option when there is more than one budget in the book.

Click on the selected account and month and enter in the required figures for both Income and Expenses.  Click on Save. Zero balances can also be filtered out by clicking on Hide zeros

Scroll down the page to view a graphical representation of the budget figures.


Budgets can be compared against previous periods. Click on This year’s actual text and / or Last year’s actual text underneath This budget text to activate.




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