Downloaded Bankdata transactions disappear from a Deadly Digits Book

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Why have my unprocessed Bankdata transactions disappeared from the new tab of my bank ledger account?


Deadly Digits does not “download” transactions into the Book but merely shows transactions in your independen BankData Record according to the number of days set in the BankData retrieve last field of Settings > General > Book Settings.  The default setting is 60 days.

If you do not allocate all transactions in a session, and your next session is of such a time later that these unallocated transactions lie outside the date range of BankData retrieve last field, then those transactions will not be seen.  They are still available to you when you expand the BankData retrieve last field.

Transactions are booked against your monthly allowance the first time they are viewed in the New tab of your bank ledger account.  They are not booked again when you re-view them at a later stage after expanding the BankData retrieve last field.



Expand the BankData retrieve last field to capture the “disappeared” dates:

1.    In your Book click on Administration (cogwheel)> Settings > General > book Settings;

2.    In the BankData retrieve last field, enter a number of days back to capture your earliest missing transaction.

3.    Click Save.

4.    Return to the New screen of your bank ledger account and view your transactions.


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