Revoking the Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for use on another device.

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I wish to change my device, which is currently setup for MFA, to a different device. How can I organise this change of the device?

I have changed the device that I used for MFA to a different one. How can I revoke MFA from old one and assign to the new one?

Applies to:

Reckon GovConnect STP portal users.


Revoke the MFA from the current device prior to removing/uninstalling the authenticator app from your device.

Detailed steps.

Please follow the below steps on how to revoke the MFA from your current device.

(Important: Please note, you will need your current device, where your MFA is configured, so you can get the revoke authentication code as part of the process to authorise the revoking process.

Update: 10/10/2018: If you have the recovery PIN you can use it to revoke MFA. Please follow this instruction)

  1. Login to Portal and go to Profile
  2. From Multi-Factor Authentication section, click on REVOKE.
  3. It will send the Revoke authentication code to your current device.
  4. Enter the same code on the “Revoke multi-factor authentication” window as shown below.

    (If you are using browser extension, click on authenticator app to get the code)

  5. This will now revoke the authentication from your current device. It is now safe to uninstall or remove the authenticator from the same device.

Further, when you go to Reckon GovConnect STP, you will be prompted to setup MFA again, as it is an integral part of STP, please follow the prompt and set up the MFA as per your need. 

Please see these instructions for more information. And if you wish to install the authenticator on your browser on PC, please see this instruction.

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