Importing CSV file to Deadly Digits

Importing transactions via CSV into Deadly Digits

With Deadly Digits you can easily import a Banking CSV bank statement by using the manual upload process. To do this, follow these simple steps.

  1. Log into your Online Banking and export transactions for the required period. Choose the ‘standard’ export format.
  2. Export the file to a location accessible using Deadly Digits (e.g. Dropbox). Have a quick check to ensure its in the CSV format.
 You can rename the file and end with .csv to quickly set the correct format.
  1. In Deadly Digits go to the Bank Accounts overview, click on Actions then Upload transactions.

  1. Click on Select file and find the CSV Banking file, then click Import the file.

  1. The first time you import a file, you will need to match up columns to Deadly Digits. Below is an example of the mapping for a Tide Banking CSV:

  1. The imported bank entries will appear on the New tab of the selected bank account.

A new Banking file import will overwrite any remaining bank transactions that are yet to be processed. So always complete your current Banking file before moving on to the next.

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