Braintree is now available to allow your customers to pay you online using their credit card. Not only does this provide secure payment, but it also automates part of the process - when the customer pays, a receipt for the invoice is automatically created, and the invoice will be marked as paid.


Before your customers can use Braintree, you will need to need to set it up. To do this, show the administration menu by hovering over the cog icon, and clicking on Settings.



On the Settings page, click on Payment services.

 On the Payment services list screen, click on Braintree


On the Braintree screen, check the ‘Activate Braintree payments’ checkbox, then fill in all the fields. If you don’t have an account with Braintree, you will need to sign up for Braintree first. Click Save & close when you’re done. 


Once Braintree is setup, invoice emails sent via Deadly Digits will contain additional text to inform the customer that they can pay the invoice online. The link provided in the email will allow the customer to access & pay the invoice online.


When the customer clicks the Pay invoice link they will access a page where they can see the invoice amount due. 


When the customer clicks the Pay Now option they will access a page where they can pay using credit card.


After that, either the payment will succeed or fail. Below on the left shows a successful payment, and on the right shows a declined payment. 

 As mentioned previously successful payments will automatically create a receipt transaction for the relevant invoice.

Deactivating Braintree

On the PayPal screen within Payment services, un-check the Activate Braintree payments checkbox. Click Save & close.


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