Cannot process a downloaded Bank Transaction - <> characters in the Description field.

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Why can’t I process a downloaded bank transactions that have the <> characters in the Description field?


You can only ignore the transactions.


The Issue

Deadly Digits cannot process transactions with special or Windows reserved characters in key fields – like the Description field. 

Reckon apologies for the inconvenience this issue is causing. 

You can only ignore this transaction.



Complete the allocation of all other transactions

Click on Ignore to remove this transaction from the view for this session (when you start a new session this transaction will be visible again.


For manual imports:

Import another export file with one transaction.  The new import will replace the remaining transactions of the previous manual import.


For BankData

The next time you intend to process BankData transactions change the retrieval range to start the day after the last transaction with special characters.

Go to Settings > General Settings and in the BankData – retrieve last: field, alter the number of days.


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