Ezidebit is now available for Australian businesses as a method of payment for your customers. Not only does this provide secure regular automatic payment, but it also automates part of the process - when the payment is processed, a receipt for the invoice is created, and the invoice will be marked as paid.

Before your customers can use Ezidebit, you will need to sign up for Ezidebit and set it up. Once you have signed up, set it up by showing the administration menu by hovering over the cog icon, and clicking on Settings.


On the Settings page, click on Integrations > Payment services.



On the Payment services list screen, click on Ezidebit.



On the Ezidebit screen, check the Activate Ezidebit payments checkbox, then enter the Digital and public keys supplied by Ezidebit into the fields. Click Save & close when you’re done.



A new bank account ‘Contra account’ will be automatically created for Deadly Digits to deposit Ezidebit payments.



Now that your book is set up, you will need to setup Ezidebit for each customer that you want to use Ezidebit with.

Please note that it is best that your customer is with you when you do this as you will need their banking details and other info. For each customer, open up the contact and click on the Customer tab, then click on Generate eDDR form.





Once Ezidebit is active for a customer, the Ezidebit section in their customer record will be updated with an active status and their client contact reference number.



You can now also use Ezidebit to request payments for the customers invoices. Just open an invoice for the customer setup with Ezidebit, and click on the Receive payment button. On the section that appears at the bottom, check the Use Ezidebit to process an on-demand payment for this invoice, then click on Request payment.


While the payment request is being processed, you won’t be able to make another payment request. If you try, you will see the message below.


Further, Ezidebit allows you to submit a maximum of two payment requests for each of your customers per day. If you try to exceed this limit, you will see a message in Deadly Digits that informs you of this limit.


Once Ezidebit have successfully processed an invoice payment request, a receipt will be created in Deadly Digits. The receipt will use the bank account ‘Contra account’. The details field will show an entry 'Received via Ezidebit'. The reference field will show applicable reference from Ezidebit. The allocated tab within the receipt will link to and pay the invoice. 


Audit history will be added to both the invoice and the receipt.



Disabling Ezidebit

If you need to stop the Ezidebit service, each customer that is active needs to be stopped. For each customer, you can do this by clicking Stop payments in the customer tab of the contact.



Then on the Ezidebit screen within Payment services, un-check the Activate Ezidebit payments checkbox. Click Save & close when you’re done.



If you want to completely close your account with Ezidebit, please call them on 1300 763 256.




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