Using Deadly Digits Timesheets with Payroll

Deadly Digits allows you to build pay run data from existing approved Timesheets.


Before you can use send timesheet data to payroll, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

  • You must have Deadly Digits Core, Payroll Medium and Time Medium modules activate on your book.
  • This feature is not available if you have the sunsetted version of Time and Expense Medium module.
  • Timesheet approval process must be enabled.
For help on modifying the book and activating the Payroll Medium and Time Medium module, go to Deadly Digits Customer Portal help.

Assign pay item permission

Assign pay item permission allows you to control which user role has permission to assign pay items on the timesheet. The pay item will be used during the pay run.

When Assign pay item permission is checked and timesheet approval process is enabled, a Pay item column will be available on the timesheet. The pay item column will list all active ordinary time earnings (OTE) and Overtime (OT) pay items from book settings. Leave items will be listed from the Employee record (Leave tab).

Using Timesheets with a Pay run

To perform a Pay run with Timesheet data, ensure that you have approved Timesheets for the relevant employees completed.

For more information about configuring Deadly Digits Timesheets, click here.

Open the Pay runs list being selecting Pay runs from the side menu

Once the Pay runs list opens, click Add.

The Create pay run dialog box will open.

Scheduled and Unscheduled pay runs can be used to for timesheet based pay runs

Click the Use timesheet data for pay run checkbox.

Enter the Pay period start date : this is date will be used as the starting date for the timesheet.

Enter the Pay period end date : this is date will be used as the ending date for the timesheet.

Enter the Payment date : this is the date you are paying the employees for the pay period.

Click Create pay run.

Deadly Digits Payroll will then retrieve timesheet data from the pay period.

Only approved timesheets can be imported into a pay run.

If there are no approved timesheet data found for the pay period, the following dialog will display. Ensure that there are valid and approved timesheets available in the selected pay period date range.

Pay run entry

Once the timesheet data has been imported, the pay run list will appear with the new pay run. Click the pay run to go to the Pay run edit screen as per below

Once timesheet data has been imported into a pay run, the pay run can be updated and edited like any other pay run entry.

To add a new employee to the pay run who did not have any timesheet data, click Add new row

Individual pay run editing

To view the individual employee details imported from the timesheet click the employees name which will open the edit individual employee pay run screen as per below.

In this particular case, the employee had a timesheet entry for 8 hours in the pay period and on the timesheet the Ordinary pay item had been selected.

The Rate comes from the employees profile (the Pay set up tab) . In this case the employee had a Rate of $28 per hour set against the Ordinary pay item in their profile.

If the Rate is not set in the employees profile, the Rate will default to $0 and can be edited within the pay run.

Additional items can be added to the employees pay run by clicking the Add new row button in each area of the pay run (eg Earnings & Leave, Allowances & Reimbursements etc).

If multiple timesheets with the same entries are found for the employee in the pay period, they will be consolidated before being added to the employees pay run.

However if there is a difference (such as for example one timesheet is linked to a customer and one is not) they will not be consolidated.

Example 1: If an employee has a timesheet with 32 hours Ordinary and a second timesheet in the pay period for 40 hours Ordinary, the pay run will appear with the Ordinary having a Qty of 72.

Example 2: If an employee has a timesheet with 32 hours Ordinary linked to customer Bob Smith and a second timesheet in the pay period with 30 hours Ordinary. The pay run will have two lines. One for Ordinary 32 hours linked to the customer Bob Smith and a second line with a Qty of 30 and no customer link.

Finishing the pay run

To finish the pay run return to the main pay run edit screen by clicking the pay run name in the breadcrumb menu as per below

In the example above the pay run name is Timesheet pay run.

Click the Action drop down menu and click Finish pay run

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