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Q. Why do I get a 504 Gateway time-out error when I run the Account Enquiry report?

  1. A. There are a few things to note about the Account Enquiry report. 
    The account enquiry report is the most data intensive report in Deadly Digits.
  2. The report retains the last reporting period chosen when you open the report.
  3. When opening the report if it takes longer than 1 minute to build/load the transaction data the report will fail with a 504 timeout error.

In this users case the report was defaulting to a previously used period that contains a volume of data that can’t be loaded within the report timeout period of 1 minute. Each time they try to open/use the report it is retaining that previous reporting period & hence stuck in a loop where the report fails.

If you get stuck in this loop, where the report times out when opening, you can do the following work around to get into the report:

  1. Go to the chart of accounts,
  2. In the chart of account click the ‘Equity’ tab.
  3. Click the account ‘Opening Balance Equity’ account.
  4. When viewing the ‘Opening Balance Equity’ account click the option ‘View transactions’.
  5. This will open the account enquiry report with a preset filter to only look at this single account ‘Opening balance equity’ for the period ‘This financial year’.
  6. From here click the option ‘Show more options’ & then,
    1. Specify: Accounts = All option
    2. Choose your desired date range (ideally smaller than the previous range used)
  7. Click the ‘Refresh’ button in the report

We will continue to monitor this report and user error rates with the view of improving the report if user errors increase. 


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