Why is my ATO status still saying ‘Pending’ and not ‘Success’, even days after submission?

Legacy KB Id: 5715

STP upload Error, ‘instance.EmployeeData(*).Detail.Email is not any of (subschema 0),subschema 1),’

Legacy KB Id: 5709

PayrollDetail requires property “TotalGross” and “TotalPAYG” error when uploading STP files.

Legacy KB Id: 5706

Revoking the Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for use on another device.

Legacy KB Id: 5698

What is recovery PIN and how to access it in Reckon GovConnect STP portal

Legacy KB Id: 5722

Error ‘Something went wrong’, when trying to open GovConnect

Legacy KB Id: 5704

Common ATO STP Errors in Reckon GovConnect

Legacy KB Id: 5749

Registering your software ID to ATO via ATO Access Manager.

Legacy KB Id: 5689

How to revoke Multi-Factor Authentication using Recovery PIN in Reckon GovConnect STP portal

Legacy KB Id: 5723

FAQS for GovConnect STP

Legacy KB Id: 5690

Adding MFA via Chrome extension alternative to smartphone

Legacy KB Id: 5687

Two Payment Summaries in MyGov account (one 'Tax ready' and one 'Not Tax Ready')

Problem: I’ve changed employee numbers during the financial year OR For some unknown reason, my employees have two payment summaries from my company’s payroll. Solution: It is important that you do n…

Final Event column showing as ‘No’ for my terminated employee(s) in the Reckon GovConnect Portal

Legacy KB Id: 5686

My company’s legal name is long and doesn’t fit in the Legal name field. What can I do?

Legacy KB Id: 5683

Error message 'Please contact the Tax Office', when submitting STP to ATO

Legacy KB Id: 5703

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