Preparing and submitting a VAT return

Preparing and submitting an MTD for VAT return.

  1. To prepare an MTD VAT return, from the vertical menu expand VAT and then select VAT Return Manager (MTD).
The VAT Return Manager (MTD) will check with HMRC and show the next 2 open VAT periods (the VAT obligations).
  1. Select the VAT return period required.
  2. The draft VAT return will be displayed. The 9 boxes of the VAT return will already be populated based on the transactions entered for the VAT period.
The VAT return should be checked at this point so you are sure the total shown in each box is correct.
The MTD for VAT scheme does not allow VAT corrections to be made until the following period, so a thorough review is important.
  1. Once you have reviewed the VAT return figures you are ready to submit. To do this, select ‘Submit’.
  2. Review the pop-up message to confirm you have checked the VAT return. Choose ‘Submit’ if you are happy to continue.
  1. Deadly Digits will submit the MTD VAT return to HMRC on your behalf and confirm once this has been done.

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